Hey guys,

I have a Fender Deluxe Tube amp that I got from my uncle. I don't have enough money
to get a new amp, so I must make due with what I have.

I play a lot of stuff similar to the likes of Iron Maiden, Randy Rhodes, (I try) Paul Gilbert/Racer X, and 'classic?' metal. By classic I mean not the ****ty stuff like A Bullet for my Pus$y and Atreyu and ****. Although I do like some 'scooped mids' stuff sometimes. (Lamb of God-esque)

Ok. So to get that 'hardrock' 'classic metal' tone (because I know I can't get a Decapitated-esque tone) out of my Fender Tube amp, which would be better:

Boosting the signal with a Tube Screamer (TS808 or TS909?)
or just get a distortion pedal, particularly the Metal Muff?

*I hate computer stuff like Line 6. I already have a Laptop, I don't need
another computer*

Fender Tube Amp = Tube Screamer or Metal Muff?
I also love jazz (Pat Metheny, Larry Carlton) etc, so I would feel terrible selling it.

I do have enough money for a smaller amp.

What about the Peavey Valveking 212?
I FoRGOT To MeNTION - It needs to be a combo amp.

I can't have a Head and Cab.

I need an amp capable of playing in my school gymnasium, as my band plays often at those type of gigs.
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The Randall is definitely capable of being loud enough to play in a school gymnasium. It's a much better amplifier for metal, and the more gain you add to your tone, the louder it gets anyway.

+1 on the Randall over the VK for metal. You don't need 100W or a second speaker to play your school gym. You'll probably have the master on that Randall well below the halfway mark, and still be pissing off your principal.

Take a look at the Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde pedal, too. It's a TS808 clone on one side, and a distortion pedal on the other (a better distortion than the Metal Muff, IMHO). Your Fender will never be a great metal amp, but that pedal could help.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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