i wasn't sure if this should be talked here but hope i'm not wrong. a friend of mine wants to know if the PRS SE custom guitar and the VOXad50vt amp are a good combination, he really wants the guitar so if anyone thinks the combination's not that good advise any different amps(not SS if possible). the budget(980€, 1400USD) is all he have and won't have anymore in a long time so... we play nirvana, queens of the stone age, porcupine tree, meaning we have one or two heavy songs and rest more of a basic rock, blues or something around it. the amp is to be used in gigs in the future. opinions everyone! thank you
1400 us is ALOT of money!

from those bands id go

fender mexican HSS fat strat and the vox ad50vt ROCK ON.
yeah, I'd ditch the SE, there are MUCH better guitars for the money. As for the amp, Fender has a line of tube amps in the sub-700 range that perform very well. Take a look at those
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yeah its some money but then it won't be anymore for some years so i don't think its that much... we both were goin to buy the peavey valve king 112,it's what fits the best our sound but has he doesn't have the money we'll have to find another amp and the vox seamed apropriate.. as for the guitar the PRS doesn't fit?
i spent something like 1000 euro in december: MIA stratocaster standard, Marshall 30 DFX, tuner, metronome, cables and small gears too... maybe its not the paradise, but im so much much much happy the same!
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