Good deal today on musicians friend on D'Addario light strings. I am currently using ones that are just slightly heavier. Will I see a difference if I buy these? I am looking to get a warm, mellow sound out of my guitar. I am happy with the strings I have now, but maybe I should try regular slinkys or something?
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Generally, heavier strings have better tone, and can sound warmer, and are good for low tunings, like drop B. Lighter strings tend to sound brighter (are also more prone to snap!) and I prefer them as they allow you to bend strings far easier. Personally I use 9's on my Strat and 11's/12's on my acoustic. But that's just my opinion...
Honestly... strings don't make nearly as big of a difference as people will lead you to believe (on electric that is). Forget musicians friend, go to your local music store and buy a couple different sets, see what you like. Nobody here can give you any advice better than your own ear.
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