hi all.
i bought a new epi les paul custom and i want to change the pickups.
i don't know what to do because there are may options!!
my music style is basically punk rock and hardcore like bad religion,sum 41,nofx,AFI...(and sometimes other styles like hard rock),and i want to sound like them (more or less,you know,i haven't got a "superguitar",it's only a epiphone!! )
what pickups do you recommend me??

thank you all!!!!

(by the way excuse my poor english,i'm from spain and i dont speak it very well
^ +1

It's probably better to upgrade your amp if your current one is horrible/bad.
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apart from agreeing with the amp thing.. i say Duncan JB
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New Amp > pickups.

And if you're planning on playing punk anyway, who cares what the pickups are. ;p

What are in at the moment? Are they Epiphone stock?

Edit: Good pickups, try DiMarzio or SDs, just not invaders, ever >.<
by the moment i have an vox da15,it's only for home and probably in a few months i'll buy a new one.
but by now,the guitar it's the only thing that cares me,so i only want to upgrade it and focus my money to her...and to have a good instrument. after,the amp...

well... could you be more exact please?what mark?what model?
i'm specially interested in the bridge pickup,i use it a lot...

and yes,the guitar gears epiphone pickups.nothing special...

ok what do you think?

thanks for all!!

(and excuse me for my english lol)
come on guys i need help!!
what do you think??

reply please it's important