I have been 18 for a few weeks and now have the golden ID to go into any bar, pub, club i want. just wondering what sort of stuff you guys are into on your wild nights out.

personally, i'm pretty much happy wherever i go as long as there's a dance floor (i'm a shockingly bad dancer, but what ya gonna do? ). i do prefer the indie nights as it's easier to sing along etc., but i don't mind the dance, r'n'b vibe either (as long as you don't take it seriously!)

Also, pulling girls in town is harder than i thought with generally loads more lads than girls! i think it's a lot easier at parties etc. any funny stories, views on the matter?
no mant is not easy t o get chicks from clubs they have their bitch shields high cos lots ofg mans make approaches and chicks generally come to clubs with friends to have fun not to get laid so its hard to work around that and their hirlfriends will prevent it from happening too it reallyt is friggicult. but possible. be active on the dance floor and be manly, show no fear then u will havea highg chance and show that ur just having fun out there girls will love it
I don't go clubbing that much (a £10 fake ID serves me very well) but I love going to a rave off my tits on anything other than weed or alcohol
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I was really hoping this was about seals
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Quote by Megadeth122
I was really hoping this was about seals

I know... it would be teh br00talz.