I was messing around looking for open Gm chords (that were possible for my fingers to play) and i came up with two. All i did was to find ways of flattening the B because i know enough theory to know that to make a major chord minor you flatten the third(and also the relative major of Gm is Bb which has Bb in it.)

The first one was 3100x3 but when i played this it didn't sound great which i'm guessing is because of the amount of Gs compared to the others (but that's just a guess)

The second one was 3x03x3 which sounded better but it still didn't sound as good as other minor chords and i don't know why. It follows the same structure as Dm, two roots, one third and one fifth. Is it something to do with the fact that the fifth is lower than the third.

Does anyone know what is wrong with these chords? (i think they are theoretically correct i just want to know why they don't sound as good.)
And does anyone know a better open Gm chord?


EDIT: I realised you can also have 3103x3 which sounds quite good aswell.
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I like this one:

e-3- Pinky
B-3- Ring Finger
A-1- Middle FInger
E-3- Index FInger

This is a Gm but it doesn't sound that good to me probably because of what edg said, there is only one b3 and it is quite low down.

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Thanks for the explanation

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I not sure what you mean, can you explain it again?
I think the 310033 sounds quite full and dark myself.

Cmin/G is even better: 331013
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There are only a limited number of possibilities on the fretboard. Just iterate through, them. If you want more A#, try this inversion..


edit: just so I though in one with G for the root, here


edit: technically, you need to mute the D string for G to be bass.
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well i prefer:


true i know the minor 3rd doesnt ring through too much but sumthing tells me these chords sound better played a bit softer so u can hear them intervals pulling through
Since the tuning of the guitar is so stupid (dont argue with me) compared to most instruments, most of the chords we play will have the third of the scale (the note that determines major/minor once, so the rest is a power chord. Your chords might be coming out super major or minor, which i know from experience, sounds really weird.