hi guys. alright heres the problem. i have been playing for a little less then 3 months, and i can do basic chord progressions and stuff. however i feel as if i'm kinda stuck and unable to progress. it seems as if i haven't improved much for the past 1 month or so.
what i normally do is this:

10mins of chromatic scale
30mins of practicing songs i know / am trying to to learn

would you guys suggest i try to incorporate anything else into my daily schedule?

just so you guys have some kind of an idea where i stand, i have attached 2 of my recordings in a zipped file.

i would greatly appreciate any help rendered. thanks!
When i started to play guitar i felt this way too. Then i found learning guitar comes in plateaus.
For example, i would feel stuck on one level for a while, then have a sort of "breakthrough" and reach the next "level" and so it went on. For practicing i suggest that maybe you practice some different scales, experiment with improvising to basic chord progressions, and take some time to just experiment, i.e. not try to learn a song or anything but just mess around for a bit.
alright that sounds ok. when would it be a good time for me to start learning songs though?

btw, i realized i can't attach files. is the function down? or am i just doing something wrong