Hey everybody, sorry if this has been threaded about before...if so, if you could steer me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

Im tossing around the idea about piecing apart a wireless transmitter and actually installing it inside the guitar. I think it would look pretty slick playing through a guitar with absolutely nothing plugged in. Plus, it also gives the added benefit of not having any cable connections start to fail.

Has anyone ever tried this?


p.s.- If you are one of the common "bedroom rockstars" that are just going to berate me for even thinking of using a wireless, please, save both of our time and dont bother.
It sounds like a neat idea!
But you might still need to stick an antenna out the jack or something, because I can't imagine sending your signal though solid wood would be too good for range or tone.
they make those you know right?
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Quote by guitargod21136
they make those you know right?

The closest thing I could think of sold is that guitar bug thing they had a while ago (Do they still sell those?).
But if they make an actual interior one... Link?
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Quote by -Collapse-
The closest think I could think of sold is that guitar bug thing they had a while ago (Do they still sell those?).
But if they make an actual interior one... Link?

Yeah, I was thinking about possibly tearing apart one of the guitar bugs. They look like they would be compact enough to make something work without having to do too much wood work. I think samson or shure still makes them. They are called the 'airline' system, I think? As for the other reply...if they already make them...definately send a link, Id like to check that out.
You could try buying a wireless system, taking it apart, and mounting it in your guitar. If you really want to do this, you could probably just route out another cavity to house the components (if you need to.)

I agree with the antenna out of the jack idea too, because it would look pretty interesting.
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No doubt people will say you are miming with nothing coming out of the jack lol

Using the strap as an antenna would be a good idea I imagine (having the antenna wire run up the hole length of the strap for more coverage)

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