I apologize in advance as I am a complete electric noob and no doubt the "what guitar should I buy" has been punished to death, but here goes.......

I have been a self taught acoustic noob for about 2 years and finally started to have some lessons. Having trouble with a couple of different barre chords my teacher gave me on the acoustic and hands me his electric with lower gauge strings and says try it on this.....wow....didn't I have fun, the lesson basically stopped while i simply had fun mucking around with his guitar. I simply had to get one......

Considering my limited budget and electric guitar/amp knowledge.....I am looking at purchasing (sales person influenced as I simply have no idea) a 60th anniversary MIM fender strat made in 2006 with a Marshall 15 watt DFX amp for about $1200 aussie dollars (really can't afford anymore!) I am not kidding myself and know that I am only ever going to be a bedroom player and that no one will ever hear me play as I do this for me for the sheer love of it (and I am not really that good considering two years of playing).

Basically, is this guitar OK? I again apologize for asking a question that has been asked a million times but I really don't know an electric guitar from my arse and would really appreciate any feedback what so ever.

Thanks in advance

I think that's a good deal. You're gonna get a nice Fender Strat and a good beginner's amp. I think you're spending the perfect amount for a beginner's amp and somehow you're going to come away with a Fender Strat as well. Rock on, mate.
Thanks for taking the time to reply. i really appreciate it and I have been worried that the sales person has spotted noob and was taking advantage. I guess I am looking for verification from those on this forum with the knowledge to help me justify my decision to purchase this combo....
Don't get Marshall MG series amp. Vox has some very good little combos, don't remember their name. AD maybe?
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It's a beginner amp - his first amp - so the MG is okay.

The vitriol directed at the MG from the peeps on here tend to be for people looking for their second or third amp.

Most people buy really **** amps to use as a practice/home amp and I did that but I really regret it, so I suggest buying something a bit better, and will last you ages.

Of course there are other options out there (Laney and Roland do offer better sounds for the price that you'll be paying for the MG) and I'm sure some of the more experienced posters on here will help you out but for someone who has quite a few friends spending money on their first guitars/amps and as someone who has spent money in a not-so-wise way, I think you'll be really happy, especially with the Strat.
The 60th anniversary strat is very good, that's what I have. But I too suggest looking into a Roland or Vox for an amp.
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