i'm missing forever in the blink of a life
all these somethings mean nothing without my insides
nothing feels right
this peaceful conflict is my moon of the night
my best bad feeling again
the object of my adoration
the heart of my disdain
they're one and the same
so i feel it again
and once left out of time i know
i'll find another time
in the blink of a life
the beliefs i've denied i will feel again
missing forever--- forever missing the end
Last edited by crossroads07 at Apr 15, 2008,
The first two lines and the last few lines have a great flow. I'm feeling a bit ambivalent towards the rest though, I just can't get into the middle section - sorry

I'm also not keen on the freeze/breeze alliteration.

I like this "blink of a life" idea though, simple but effective