Sorry the recording isn't all that great, but I thought it sounded pretty good.

Go have a look. It's in my profile.

C4C as always.
yeah the bends are quite a way out plus the backing guitar is out of tune i think... clean those up and it will sound pretty good
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yea fix those bends up and make sure ur guitar is in tune
also, make sure ur backing track is audible cuz i could barely hear it.
what kind of recorder are you using?
Yeah, so recording it was fun.
I recorded the solo on my video camera, then I recorded the backing track on the video camera as well.
Then I put them together in Windows Movie Maker, and uploaded it as a video to Youtube.
THEN, I ripped the video off Youtube and converted it to an mp3, then I uploaded the mp3 to my UG profile.

I'm so cool.