Good Morning To All!!!

A few weeks ago back in early January, I posted Making the investment....i was looking for a nice bass guitar and was willing to shell out the bread for a decent one. Well this is how it worked out....

I just got my 2003 Musicman Stingray 5....

Gloss Black with white gem pickboard

Maple neck....Hardcase , strap with locknuts....$with shipping included $900.00

I could not touch one here in Indiana for under 1295.00 (GC Price). Of course it was the E-Bay thang. You never know what your gonna get. However the good Lord smiled down at me (esecially when this guy started to have second thoughts about selling). This thing thunders!!!! See attachment for pics

Now any suggestions on mid sized amp?
i wouldnt say know,,, but this aint the one i would get lol, i just dont like how it looks, but i would still get it if offered!! im sure it play's sweet as tho, erm get a trace elliot! they rock, you just have to know how they work
Congrats Now make your invstment pay you back
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Do you want a super-clean clear your-bass-but-made-loud tone or do you want a fat, warm old-school sound? What's the budget?
Since this bass would primarily be at the church....(seats about 250) and I don't want to start a holy war...I'm thinking the fat warm for the most part....contemp gospel funk. Have to keep budget to a roar or wait (The check account is still recovering) $300-$500 somthing used... We currently have a crate Bx550? 12' single speaker (does have a EQ) Not looking for volume (although I'll take it) looking for tone.
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Yes for the warm tone I'd definetely agree with the Ashdown. That's the problem playing my Spector through it I can't get the really awesome Spector sounds because the Ashdown is so warm, and even with extensive EQings it's difficult. Plug it into my Hartke practice and it sizzles...
Medium-sized amp? Come on, I bet you're Carvin... erm, cravin' a big stack for dirt-cheap prices.

Too bad I can't think of any.

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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
What was the resoning behind getting a musicman? What did you like about it? I'm surious because i'm looking to possibly by a new bass sometime and don't want to buy something just because everyone has it.