I've got a Dean ML Shadow with the licenced floyd rose on it and im not really happy with the performance and i hate whatever material its made of(some cheap soft metal). Does anyone know a good reputable site to buy an original from cuz ive been looking and cant find anything except ebay which i refuse to buy from. Thanks
the dean floyd rose isnt like ofr. It is excentric. the posts are not at the same distance from the center. Yo can change the tremolo but the strings will be a bit to the left.
That looks like a lo pro style trem. Only a Floyd Rose Pro or Schaller will drop into that route. I'm not sure about what superbadboy says, but if it is the case you'll have to use a Gotoh trem, but they have the long lockbolts, meaning it will not fit without some routing.
To go to an OFR, you'll need to pull the original post anchors, glue dowels into the holes and redrill to the appropriate spacing. Some routing will need to be done, but that's the easy part.
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