Today I'm jamming with a friend, what we'll probably do is blues, and also just have the rythym lay down a riff, then the lead solo over it. Anything else to try? Any good songs to learn together, like with a cool use of 2 guitars? We play Hard rock, classic rock, and blues. So EVH/GNR/LEd Zep. type stuff. Thanks.
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well i listen to the same stuff as you. i like learning some weezer songs because they have two guitar parts. i pretty much just do blues with my friends, or ill just play a random song i know and he will pick it up and we will swap parts
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Aerosmith's Love in an Elevator has a very bluesy feel to it and is basically a very long solo constantly switching between the two guitarists.
You could try Zeppelin's Achilles Last Stand. The second solo has a delay on it, so it'd be fun to experiment with that.

If you like Zeppelin, ya'll could take turns playing the ending to Black Dog. Like, one person solos, then starts playing rhythm while the other solos, etc.

Maybe a few Rush tunes? If you guys are okay with taking rhythm for the other, then this would work well.
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um, if yer just jamming pick a couple chords and go off on'em then let the other guy come in with a couple chords and go back and forth like that. to me jamming is just doing something musically fun and rarely is an actual song (at least its generally not something thats already been done)
A little thing that many have lifted from a Paul Gilbert and Marty Freeman video in Japan is a scratch jam. Pick a key, one person scratches a rhythm for eight bars while the other solos then switch. It's good for practicing solos and it's fun, but not so good for practicing your chords