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I was wondering of some good songs in drop B to learn. Nothing too hard, thanks.
Well Slipknot do easy songs in Drop B tuning, but Machine Head do better songs in the same tuning IMO. Also most damageplan songs were in Drop B...
maggies farm-ratm
the worm-audioslave
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Oh i dunno then.. I was gonna say stuff like At The Gates and Amon Amarth, but they're BEADGb

Nah, that's just B tuning, not Dropped B.

There's a list of artists using Dropped B tuning on Wikipedia:
If you want some relatively easy songs, go for the "Sirens" album by It Dies Today.
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anything by breaking benjamin

I think that they play in Drop A#
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nickelback's got a few...i know not too many people like them (i do) but its piss easy
they're called:

Where Do I Hide
Side of a Bullet
any chevelle
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before i forget- Slipknot
don't stay- Linkin Park
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Runes To My Memory - Amon Amarth (oh, and most songs on With Oden On Our Side)
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Machine Head - Davidian. It's sort of drop B, you'll understand when you hear/play it.
salt the wound uses B
unearth? or are they in 7 string b?
thats all i can think of, and i think chevelle also uses a#

my hellraiser is in b
everyone in the world plays c.....
it sucks trying to play along
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Lemme guess,

Nu Metal stuff?

And SlipKnot!
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Fear Factory. Try Archetype

Archetype can be played on a 7-string.

Anyways, all Machine Head from the Blackening. Excepts Aesthetics of Hate, that's in C#/Db Standard.

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Skillet uses it alot. Just look up "Comatose" "Whispers In The Dark" or "Falling Inside The Black" to see if you like it.
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I think that they play in Drop A#

And you're correct but i think they have some songs in Bb and B standard...You can always transribe them!
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Before I forget - Slipknot
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Any song by Wormed.
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Almost all Slipknot songs are easy, and very straight forward.

Before I Forget, Sulfur, Spit it Out, Wait and Bleed, Sic, blah blah blah. They're also pretty easy to figure out by ear if you haven't done that before.

I think Amon Amarth tunes to Drop B.

You could also go to B standard (Tuning your guitar like a seven string) and play some seven string songs, like Trivium songs off of Shogun.
well the only song i know how to play in drop b is before i forget from slipknot and thats easy as anthying to learn but if your looking for another good low tuning try drop c i dont wanna stop from ozzy is in drop c and it sounds great
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i know of parkway drive. that's all

im not sure about these bands so you will have to check them out...
the red shore
cancer bats
Quote by emil_sej
Fear Factory. Try Archetype

Standard B.

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