Hey guys, I frequent UG a bunch, but don't come to the forums a bunch. In the past 6 months or so I've been doing quite a bit of recording on my Mac w/ Garageband, and I am really wanting some feedback on the music I've posted on myspace.

I have 6 songs up, one of them IS A COVER, but only an INSTRUMENTAL interpretation of a Coldplay song. I try to have a lot of variety, so I understand that someone won't like them all, and perhaps you won't like any.

Please, I'm not trying to be Slayer or Satch, so if I don't shred or play very heavy, I'd like it if that wasn't a part of your criticism. The link will be below, and please read the descriptions of my songs in the "About Me:" section. It might give you a little bit of my insight or what is going on musically. Thanks a bunch in advance, and feel free to add me! I can answer any questions in this thread too, and I suppose I can even come up with tabs...if I can remember how to play it all.

EDIT: http://www.myspace.com/elevatormuzick

Haha, forgot the link. I'm a doltz.
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hmm. i like it.
but it sounds like your guitars out of tune on some of the songs.
and the bends in your lead parts are off sometimes.
i like the rhythm in the funk one.
the recording quality could be better.
overall, these are good takes, but you just need to brush up the little stuff.

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So much to critique here... you should post up about a specific song so we can hone in on that one.

Melancholy Little Kite - Pretty cool. Some of the rhythm guitar was a bit muddy... like you could crank the tone knob up a little or maybe its just distortion on the recording, I don't know. I like the overall groove of the song.

Funk you in the A - had me scratching my head. I'm not sure what you were doing there. I suppose I was waiting for it to get off the ground... the whole short song was like an intro to something. (and could be really cool if you add something)
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i had a quick scan through your songs and melancholy little kite was the one that grabbed my attention so i will crit that one the rhythm guitar was a bit flabby and didnt have enough definition for my liking, same with the drums they just didnt seem to jump out the mix enough, also there was a lot of noise is that from the microphone or from your single coils? some of the song went out of time but as a song i liked it, i liked the way it was put together and just the general sound, nice song
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ill give an overview of what i think. try and develop more noticeable melodies in a few of em, maybe work on a better tone as well. i liked the melody in dont panic it was pretty cool. maybe in the songs with drums, make them stronger. in one of them you had a meternome going, where you werent even on time for, maybe get rid of it?? next time post up one song, its against the rules to post more than 2 :-D
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

Sorry, I'll specify next time, this was the first time I posted and I didn't know.

Thanks for the crits guys...but I think the main thing you were missing is you guys totally failed to look at any of my song descriptions. Most of these songs were done on an acoustic guitar with digital effects added afterwards with my laptop.

The drums are done on a laptop keyboard...I'm very limited with what I'm doing, and even if all the presses are right on time, the program sometimes goes off on the beat if it doesn't register a note on time, or not at all. I had to redo the tracks each a few times just to make sure that they were on beat and there were no glaring errors. They were more of a filler than an actual instrument on this track...something to strengthen certain parts or add punch. I tried to be consistent but it would have taken more work on the drums than I had intended to put together a full-kit...several tracks and several takes when I wanted the guitar to be the focus. They were more of a dash of salt-and-pepper than the full meal, if I can make an allusion.

And I mention the metronome in the descriptions too. I know it was there, but it was my first song ever recorded using this program, and I didn't want to do any more takes. I figured it would go away after I played it back, but it didn't so now I know better, and it's not on any tracks. It has become apparent to me that there are many people who can't simply ignore it, so once my next song goes up, that one is going off.

So there's the main point I'm trying to get at that I guess I should have explained fully in this topic, but I didn't want it to be a monster post. But I guess asking you to read what I have on another site isn't much of an incentive...but then again, what else are you going to do while the music plays, you know? The fact that I'm playing on a perhaps $200 acoustic for four of the songs through a mic on my laptop might sway your opinions. It's not like I'm using a $1000 Ibanez or Gibson through a Marshall or Peavey stack through pro recording equipment.

Most of these songs are short because they are simply ideas I had that stood out to me...unique riffs or chords, fun to play...something I wanted to put down so my band can incorporate it into songs later if it will fit. As I record the quality gets better and better as I learn more about Garageband, but unless I want to max out my credit card, I'm not going to get more equipment than what I have now.

So basically I figured I would explain the quality of my songs, because I was getting more crits on that than the content. I know it can distract or take away. But recording on a laptop has it's downfalls...the fan in the computer comes on during recording, my roomate walks into the dorm room, sometimes there are loud noises in the hallway or next room, maybe a wind will blow or the air will be denser that day...there are only so many things I can control, and care to control, when I am only doing this site for fun, really.
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Hey, cheers for leaving some crit on my bandmate's thread the other day, thought I'd return the favour. First off, I see you've had a few comments on the actual sonic quality of the recordings but I won't bother getting into that. I do a lot of recording on the PC and I know exactly what you mean about computer fans, loud noises, people walking in and so on...

But onto the songs, Melancholy Little Kite was a bit heavier than I expected but I think I got the general vibe of the song - not bad but nothing amazing. To me it sounds very reminiscent of Frusciante's darker moments ('Heroin', 'Emptiness' etc), especially with your fuzzy wall of notes at the end. I liked it, but I think without vocals that sort of track only works with high production values.

Of them all, 'For You' was easily the standout; the lo-fi recording approach worked well and the chords had a rich, slightly epic quality I wasn't expecting.
Again the Frusciante comparison seems ideal, you've got a very similar approach to harmony and texture which works particularly well in this type of arrangement. The organ at the end is a great addition too. Although I thought all the recordings were melodically interesting, it was only 'For You' that really engaged me in the end. 'Blues concept' is interesting too but the clicky metronome got in the way a little....

Anyway if you're just doing it for enjoyment then best of luck, but I'd suggest really concentrating on the mellow acoustic stuff as it sounds much more natural.