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5 23%
Vantage Point
0 0%
National Treasure 2
3 14%
Do something else
14 64%
Voters: 22.
Next sunday I thought Id surprise my gf with dinner and a movie, however...
The only movies of interest going that evening have all recieved average to mediocre reviews... So Im asking you, which one of these movies is best (or least bad if you will)?
I loved National Treasurer 2, then again I'm a history nerd and loved the first one too.

EDIT: I've heard Jumper is pretty good.
10 things I hate about you, its romantic
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I like this guy's thinking.
Do something else. Something romantic. Like setting buildings on fire.
Get something like Definatly , Maybe or something pansy like that I'm serious though, chicks dig that kind of junk , even if you don't pay attention, go on like its unreal.
2 Months isn't an anniversary.
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Stay in and watch Assploitations with her at home
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Goose is my Hero.

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2 Months isn't an anniversary.
High Five. i hate when your gf is like. ZOMG !@!@!?!@!$ 3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY! no its like .25 year anniversary.
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High Five. i hate when your gf is like. ZOMG !@!@!?!@!$ 3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY! no its like .25 year anniversary.

I know its not a big deal, but Id like to spoil her a bit.

And also, this is two days before her birthday which I cant attend, so itll be my chance of celebrating her birthday
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Jumper will ruin everything with its terrible and almost non-existant plot.

for a movie with next to no plot I think it was pretty awesome, I spent the rest fo the day thinking about the awesome things I could do with jumper powers.