Hey there.
I'm completely MAD about otters!
They are my favourite animal and i own several.
My favourite is Margo (pictured).
You might be wondering what this has to do with metal?
Well I've heard of a band in which they use a parrot to sing! (clever)
and i was thinking about starting a band with an otter!!!
I'l call it Otterchrist. I can teach them how to play instruments!!
What do you think guys?
^try bandleading
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i think its a good idea.
using animals to make music.
animals can make noises most people cant.
apart from me. i have memorised all the mating calls.
i think you should go **** you r mom you ****** fag bitch. go back to russia and moan about ur gay animals there.
that's not very nice.
for someone who seems to be involved in maintaining our ecosystem i'm quite shocked at your response.
...calm it down until the mods get here please. Don't respond Otter Fanatic, he's only trying to bring you down with him.
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double account?
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I... I should return to Arkham.

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I have come home to Arkham.

*sniff sniff* I smell a multi.

*brings out claws*

/Xmen reference
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who would be sad enough to do that? just have conversations with themselves let alone arguments. not otter fanatics.
OK, thank you very much...

'Thine Eyes Bleed':

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More like... Thine Butthole Bleeds... from all the gay sex you have!!! Ahahaha!

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