I've heard these Fernandes copies of Fenders are pretty tip-top in quality, and was considering buying one to get myself back into playing guitar. I've been playing bass for 5 years, and this will be my second attempt at expanding into guitar a bit

I have the opportunity to buy a japanese Fernandes Strat copy; it's black with a black pickguard, black knobs, alder body, rosewood board, maple neck, and Kirk Hammett sig EMG pickups. For $225. I played it, and seems really well made and tight. He said it was made at the ESP factory, so it's one of the older MIJ's. Also, I guess it's just post-lawsuit, because it's one of the first ones to not have an exact Strat headstock. Everything else seems fine, there's no dings or chips in the paint, and the pickup installation seems to have been well-done.

Opinons from real guitarists? Thanks!!
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well considering most japanese guitars are amazing, and the fact that the emgs alone would cost $200 new, I would say you have found yourself a fantastic deal.

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Id be jumping at the bit to take this off the dudes hands. Go for it!
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If you don't want it give it to a needy guitar player (like me!)
Is that the one with the Sustainiac pickups in it or whatever Fernandes calls them? I think I played that same guitar when I was shopping for mine. It felt sweet and played really nice. My only gripe about it was that it just sounded thin. I think it was due to the choice of wood used in the body. Ultimately, I went for the ESP LTD MH400.

This one? http://www.fernandesguitars.com/rp81.html

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nope. This one looks and feels exactly like a Fender Japan Strat (because it basically is, but it was made at the ESP factory Matsumoko or something), w/ the exception of the headstock shape, which is a tad bit more angular. No humbuckers, just 3 EMG single coils (the Kirk Hammett sigs).
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I have a fernandes ravelle elite (more of a les paul copy than a strat) with the infinite sustainer pickup, I love it.