WELCOME TO S.VI - Grand Championship Thread!

If you need any information as to the way a certain contest is run, read up here: Contest Info Thread

So it is this time again. The biggest competition in S+L. Taking the top 8 writers of last season and putting them in one huge competition to determine a single winner, claiming a massive 6 points towards the current season.

Let the battle begin!

This years line-up looks like so:

The Hurt Within +25
Confusius +11
Phantom1 +11
we have sound + 10
Circular.Parade + 8
TrigFunction +7

Bassbeat77 +6
SilenceEvolves +6 (Automatically through)
Hopes_Downfall +6

But, as you can see there are 9 writers here. Before all the warrior writers can thrust their pens towards the necks of their fellow writers a mini battle must take place between last seasons (S. V) Champion Bassbeat77, and the new femme fatal of the Contest forum, Hope's Downfall. The victor will claim the final spot and the chance at the title.

The Grand Championship this year will function slightly differently than previous seasons. The standard layout will not differ; there will still be three rounds, the 1st will consist of 2 polls containing 4 pieces, where one writer from each poll will be removed. In round two another 2 writers bite the bullet. Then it is the Grand Championship Final, 4 pieces, all scoring points. Each writer will have the option to change their pieces between each round too.

The difference with this season is the inclusion of 'multiple votes' - in short, the polls will be set to allow for each user to vote for multiple pieces. The more they vote for the less weight their votes will carry.

Once the 8th place has been decided the competition will begin!!!

The final 8

The Hurt Within
we have sound

This is going to be an awesome season finale. It would be nice now if all of the remaining 7 here could submit a piece to circular.parade : The piece must have been written during the course of this season. Last season began around August '07 so you have a long enough time to select something.

You will have 3 days after the first and second rounds to submit a new piece, if you like. Please do not take too long selecting your pieces we need to get this underway.

Good luck all, and don't forget to VOTE!!
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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Quote by SilenceEvolves
so um i just got here after being absent for a while, what do i do?

yeah, what do we do? :\
Everyone who is in the final eight (they are in the first post) sends a reletively newly written piece (like since august, apparently) into Steve.

That's if he's still, like, alive.

Then he'll set up the comp.

If Steve isn't around, (calling to any mod here) I'm happy to get thi sup and running, I've done it before.
yeah, steve has to be off for a while atm. He should return back shortly. I'll get some more info on that. If there is too much delay, I'll take care of this.
I'm taking over. Everyone in, please send me your pieces as soon as possible.
Be sure to read the thread over here to know what to do, date requirements, etc.

Never even knew I was in this. Has someone been submitting me to competitions without me knowing?!

edit: I know they have not. I'm just saying.

love is a dog from hell.

So I'm still missing pieces from

we have sound

This is going up Thursday, no matter what.

This has dragged on for a little too long .
Just a reminder that if anyone wants to use a different piece for round 2 they should send it to Mat ASAP.
PM failed...


Do you know what people did in the old days..
when they had secrets
they didn't want to share?

She'd make a ring with her fingers,
so I could whisper through them,
"Leave with me..."
Every day I would ask her,
but she never answered.

I sat in a train compartment
counting the lights as they flashed by.
Even if I can't feel it, I can imagine it...

I told her that in Singapore
you can tell what season it is
by the warmth of a kiss, the moisture
on a lip, the subtle urge to resist
its closeness to your skin, a drip of
mist pressed against your cheek,
but you never really care what...

Hours later she would cry a tear
comprised of rust, would smile with
decreasing lust, bite her lip and then
she would whisper "yes" into the air.

The air I was never around to breathe.

Do you know what people did in the old days..
when they had secrets
they didn't want to share?
They'd find a tree, carve a hole in it
and whisper the secret into the hole,
then cover it in mud.

One day I wondered why she would
never answer. I questioned if she loved
me or not, and so I gave up.

It doesn't matter what secrets you write,
everyone will read, but when you speak
of secrets, of admissions, of proposals,
and there's no one around to hear, it is like
you never spoke at all.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
It's coming soon. We're both getting tied up with stuff atm.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Alright, now that Mathieu has left for the summer I am gonna take this over again. Expect the polls in a couple of days.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Anyone like to handle this, I'm not on enough to get a grasp on it, and with the Technique stuff bogging me down I doubt I'll get this soon.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
I know this isn't the Stevie poo you were hoping for, but from what I remember we finished round one (I couldn't tell you who made it through) and everyone was supposed to have sent their round 2 pieces to Mathieu, but then Steve took over so he may have the pieces. You may just have to get everyone to resend pieces to you though. If so, good luck with that, cause a few of them haven't been around here in quite some time.

Hope that helps

And I guess the first round doesn't hold any merrit anymore haha. So are we just going with the 4 active writers?