I've narrowed my amp search down to two amps. Cleans are more important than anything, as I have a tubescreamer for leads. I also play a small amount of jazz, but I hear both amps are quite good for that. I have only played the Bassman once, and not for very long. I play the Super all the time, I'm just wondering if the Bassman would be a better choice?



In case you don't know, I play lost of John Mayer type music, a little SRV, and lots of Hendrix.

I get into the occasional hard rock mood and play some GnR/Velvet Revolver, but that's not too important.
super is better for cleans and jazz. bassman is great for blues and rock. i'd go with the super, it's probably cheaper too if you ebay it.
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They're both superb amps - so it's totally objective. Get down to a decent music store and demo them side-by-side. If you look serious about buying they'll be more than happy to let you spend ages comparing the two...
Based on the clean sound you said you wanted, go for the super.
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You basically have to choose between the 'warm and dirty' Bassman and the 'cold and clean' Super Reverb. That being said, they are quite similar, so maybe you should figure out whether you need reverb first? I get by fine with my Bassman (not the same, but a Bassman nonetheless) without reverb. Turn it up, and it doesn't need any reverb!

I'd go for the SR personally, since I prefer the blackface over the tweed sound.