Hey all, all I couldnt find a similar answer, so here goes :

I have a carvin icon4 bass, which features a blend switch for your two pick-ups. However useful in the studio, i cant do a damn with it live, it just takes too long to rotate it all the way forward or backward, my two most-used settings. So...is it possible to put a 3- or 5- way selector switch in place of my blend knob, and hopefully not need much more drilling? The pick-ups are active/passive switchable if that makes a difference

just remove the pot and wire a 3 way toggle switch in its place. the only problem you'll encounter is maybe the hole is too small for a switch and needs to be widened
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measure the hole's diameter in mm. and try and find one that fits without adjusting hole, just in case you do wanna change back.
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