I've been playing for several years and see myself as preety good. I can do play fastish solos such as halo by machine head and im fine with timing and techniques like gallop picking and pinch harmonics. But i dont think ive got any better at playing over the past year and i struggle with sweep picking and fast solos so would it help to get a tutor to help me and give me exercises to do?

btw im also in a band and im s**t at writing solos i'll sit there with a scale in front of me an end up not doing anything
look at the lick library dvd's, found they're pretty good for improving techniques, u get some great tutors on there for a much cheaper price than lessons!!
Just go back to the basics, learn more songs, play slower but with a metronome, watch some instructional DVDs etc. No need for a tutor in my opinion but you need to slow down and get back to learning.
I'd say it's up to you. Honestly, you can never go wrong by going back to the basics on an instrument, and a teacher is best way to do that. Refining your overall technique is what teachers are there for, and it'll help you weed out your weaknesses.

Also, a teacher'll help you learn theory a little more indepthly, so writing solos with scales and such will come a lot easier.

I'd recommend doing it, but you don't have to. Either way, you don't improve with time, if the goal of that time is not to improve.
Dude, do whatever it is you have to do to be happy with the way you play guitar.

A tutor probably can't teach you to be comfortable with yourself though.
Thanx everyone i think im going to get some tutorial dvds and watch some on youtube and maybe consider a tutor when i can afford it
If you are trying to learn sweep picking, learn 3 string sweeps first, don't go into 5 string sweeps straight away. Just start slowly and work up your speed, don't try and do it too fast to start with because you will not be able to keep both hands in sync. Its pretty easy once you get used to it, I'm terrible at guitar and I picked 3 string sweeps up in 10 minutes, so you should be able to pick it up pretty fast.
i don-t know ma, the you customize to your guitar you play at your own way your tutor plays in a different way you can learn all by yourself and by what you saying you already learn lot by yourself
even the best need tutors some time. Im lucky enough to have a teacher who knows a wide variety of musicians as it is her profession and has been since she was a kid and i've met a few of them. they're amazing players and alot of them are tutors too who have been to uni and gt their degrees in what they do. but many of them still go to tutors to learn more about styles they aren't so comfortable with or techniques they're not amazing at. my guitar tutor is currently being taught slide guitar by one guy and more advanced jazz by another guy so it's always good to get a little help face to face if you can, and why not use someone experienced?