Okay, this song is driving me insane. I think I've got the verse down as a C - Am thing, but the chorus is what is bugging me. I'm thinking its something in or close to starting on F, but from there I lose it.

Anyone else really love this song and now starting to hate it when they try to play it? haha
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I just submitted the chords for the song.. it was bugging me too.. I'm not sure why the chords are all getting shoved to the left side.. I can't fix it.

Intro: Dm G F C

Am Dm
Memphis comes creeping down my back

Am Dm
Somehow this place tastes just like an attack

A hundred-yard-stare of a kiss

Dm Am
Lord, I know I'll never miss it

Am Dm
They told me stop scouting the field

Am Dm
They told me have a look in Commercial Appeal

And start getting that hair cut sharp

Dm G
Sometimes I think that I'll find a love

One that's gonna change my heart

Dm G
I'll find it in Commercial Appeal

And then this heartache'll get chased away

Have fun! it's a great song.