What's the best way to record the guitar onto my laptop???

I've got a digitech rp250 which ur supposed to be able to record from by using the usb port, but i'm not sure how.

Would a sound cable be better from the amp speaker output??? and could someone suggest one???

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first of all did the rp250 come with a usb cable? i dont know much about it but maybe you can lpug a usb cable into the rp and then into the usb port on your computer. if not, then your best bet is to buy a cheap usb interface such as the m-audio fast track usb. then you would rub your guitar into the rp250 and then the rp into the guitar interface.
i looked it up and there is a usb port on the back of the rp250, you rub a standard usb cable from the rp250 into a usb port on your computer. it should have also came with software containing the drivers for it and maybe effects software.
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