What's the best way to record the guitar onto my laptop???

I've got a digitech rp250 which ur supposed to be able to record from by using the usb port, but i'm not sure how.

Would a sound cable be better from the amp speaker output??? and could someone suggest one???

DO NOT buy an M-Audio Fast Track! I borrowed one from a friend. It sounded fine recording voice and acoustic with a mic, but what it does to your tone plugged in... Jesus....
Don't plug anything into your speaker output port other than a guitar cab.....Running lines out of this port will break both your sound card and amp.

Some think the fast track is good, other say it sux..
Same with the line6 Toneports.

I was happy with the setup of the toneport UX1 but the software and drivers were the worst for vista...software, (gearbox) was just plain bad...

If you want to record to your laptop you will need an interface of some kind which bypasses the stock sound card on there and will reduce latency making recording much easier.

I have not tried the Fast Track USB in person but I did own the Toneport UX1 for a few weeks.
I would say if you have vista and are running your own amp and FX pedal to bypass gearbox FX and just getting a Toneport. Sure no interface is top notch under $200 but it will get the job down and sound good enough for home use.

I did a review on the Toneport in the stickys thread as well as in the recording videos (#1) found in my sig line.
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I use an M-Audio Fast Track Pro for laptop recording and it works great in my opinion. This plus Cakewalk Music Creator = win.

Doesn't color tone at all....

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