Hi all.

I am currently playing out of a Roland Cube 30 (which is a nice amp I think) but want to start getting a new tube amp.

I play all sorts, blues, jazz, classic rock, metal, country, pretty much every piece of music appeals to me in some way, so with this amp VERSATILITY is going to be the key.

I was looking around, and becoming more and more attracted to a 1x12 Line6 Spider Valve, (which I am sure I will be flamed for saying), bet then thought what if I could build my own tube amp.

Well I am not a complete beginner to electronics, but the only pedal I have ever built was a simple channel selector and I no very little about tube amps. So I am looking for any advice as to where to start, should I try a small tube amp kit or what? (I am based in the UK so any sites that sell kits would be appreciated.

What books / essential reading is there out there that I should completely digest before I embark on something like this.

Any and all help / suggestions (short of give up) would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot,

EDIT: (Now ruled out)
I would eventually like to end up with a tube amp with 4 channels, basically switching it from Clean / Blues Driver / OD pedal / Metal pedal and hope that if I take the schematics from 3 pedals I will be able to have them in the amp with just a 4 button footswitch coming out.
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get an amp with good cleans and then do four pedals. you're already in way over your head
There's not really any need to make things that complicated, if you have a decent tube amp then you get an awful lot of tonal variation simply by using your guitar's controls and altering your picking dynamics.

Tube amps don't get their sound from having pedal circuits in them, if you want to do it that way you'd be better off building a solid state amp.
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get an amp with good cleans and then do four pedals. you're already in way over your head

Hi s.r.v.,

Thanks for the advice, so which amp would you recommend then for the good cleans,
and would doing a straight copy of a Marshall 18W or similar be a good idea?

Any advice is welcomed,

best bang for buck, in my opinion, is buying the pignose G60V and changing out the tubes. For around $200 + cost of tubes, you can get very good sounds out of the amp.

I haven't checked recently to see if there are other low-cost tube amps out there on the market, but I am aware of the pignose one. I know, the name is funny, but it's a great amp after the tubes are changed. My friend gigged with his for a couple years, no issues. Basic travel in car and moving for setup, not like it was kicked and bashed around or anything.
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So does anyone know of any good projects for amps to build?