This is one of the few times where I just thought...That's ****ing incredible.
I won't normally post a vid randomly, but this one deserves to be seen!

Link to teh awzums

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thats pretty sweet... i need to look more into this guy...
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He's got chops I'll give him that but beyond that I just thought it was a bit...meh, flitting between different songs too quickly for my taste and I didn't think much of his tone either.
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Yeah, he's the winner of the Guitar Hero combination. Ironically, he just kills all the "real" guitar heros on the album... He's a good player but his style is very sterile and makes me yawn...
Uhh... He doesn't have a song on the album but a 10 second solo spot on the track "12 Donkeys", where all the wankers jam.
that guy is pretty awesome!
can anybody tell me what all the songs are?

im too lazy to try and work it cause im tired :p
Top lel.
Solid stuff. For the Love of God was the only thing that truely stood out as ****e to me.

Good player.
Pretty nice stuff. I don't like how he sways from side to side when he plays ;p
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