Hey guys, listen i went over to guitar center and fooled around with some mim strats. but there are soo many that i don't really know which one is the best. in your opinion, which strat is the best overall, under 700 bucks. i'm looking for three single coils. no humbuckers. i played a 50s classic reissue which was sick. and there was this KOA deluxe on clearence for 500, what you guys think. any suggestions on MIM strats would be awesome thanks!
The koa strat is one hell of a guitar, I played one and it was one of the best sounding guitars I've ever played. For $500 that's a pretty good deal.
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If you are planning to spend around 700 bucks, just wait a couple weeks, mow some yards or rake some leaves or something and make some extra money. With that, I suggest you check out the Highway One Strat. American made guitar for around 750 bucks. Aside from being a great looking guitar, the thing plays like a dream. The medium-jumbo frets are the best things I have ever laid hands on. The factory electronics aren't half bad either.
^Many MIM fenders have Medium-Jumbos and I've found plenty of individual MIM guitars that I preferred the feel of to a number of HWY1s and even (older) American Standards.

There's no guarantee that any particular guitar from a model line is going to be of better quality than one from a different line, every guitar is an individual instrument and quality varies widely from one to the next, regardless of where it was made.

Also, the "best" MIM Fender is going to be the one that feels best to you. I've played 50's and 60's classic strats and yeah, they're nice, but the best one I've ever played is a 2006 60th Anniversary Standard Strat which happens to be the one sitting next to me. You might not feel the same.
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The best MIM is the CP 50s definitely, but for a little more the Highway One is great. But for that price if you get lucky and search around you can probably find a used American standard or deluxe, that's definitely the best option.
how about craigslist......suckers?

YOu are better off getting a MIA for 500

I just posted a thread for a $500 MIA Strat about a weeks ago....check it out, amybe its still available. GC in Pasadena, CA has a nice Silver MIA made in about 94-96 for 699.00, its also on theoir used website. That price is before you start grinding.
Dont ever buy a new guitar at GC.....in these price ranges anyway.

I bougth my strat in 1994 at Sam Ash, tyhe4 color is kinda liek apurplish pink, so no one wanted it.....it got it cheap.....you just need to grind down the manager. The same for my Jackson Soloist, I bought at GC, noticed there the last few times I was in (over the course of a few months), and they unloaded to me really really cheap. I have 2 awesome gitars, with questionable paintjobs....but I got them too cheap to care.

Just beelive that there are hundereds of people that would unload their MIA strat for $500.

I know Schneiderman was the guy telling me how misinformed I was about used prices, and he wanted to start an importing business from CA to NY, so I posted the $500 strat just for him.....youre about to get owned Schneiderman, oh, and you can stay at my house when you come to CA to buy all the strats you want. Even though you are not a very nice guy, i will look past it.


another one at $575


highway 1 under 500


MIJ model (waynes world)...I remember these and they are bad ass, just as good as MIA


Roland Ready MIA $500


I think I made my point. Suck it Schneiderman.
You sure know how to hold a grudge. Anyway there's plenty of good reason that all the guitars you posted are cheaper than a regular MIA Standard in good condition would cost.

And the fact that you always tell people that saving up for an MIA is the only way to go destroys some of you credibility. Not everyone needs an American strat. Not everyone wants an American strat.

You're obsessed with scouring craigslist for the cheapest strats made in America. You don't seem to care what type they are, what's been done to them, and why their value is less than the majority of American strats.
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The thread-starter is a legend.
Seriously, who thinks "Shit, i'm gonna die, BRB, Ima' tell UG."?

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Congratz man, you are a true, American Hero.
Go Schneiderman!

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look into japanese strats... its up to personal preference whether or not you like them, but imo they are my favorite fenders to play...

and i was really digging the classic players 60 strat when i got to play it.
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I can only really speak from my own experience, which admittedly might not be as much as some people regarding Fender Strats, but I did spend a very substantial amount of time looking for one myself. After comparing quite a few of them, I ended up with a MIM Fender Deluxe Players Strat. This one in particular was very well made. Vintage Noiseless pickups (although I think they sound great, considering changing to Lace Sensors of some type), Rosewood fretboard (which I prefer), extra flexibility in it's pickup configuration (seven combinations as opposed to the usual five), very comfortable neck, and looks pretty striking.

The thing with MIM strats I found is that quality can really differ from guitar to guitar. You really, REALLY need to go over them with a fine-tooth comb. Generally, bad ones are pretty obvious, but when you find that one good one, they can feel and sound as good as an MIA, and at a hell of a good price in comparison.
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