So i was saving up for a while for a strat or a tele and when the new American series came out i new it was the time.

it was time.

so i went down to guitar center and got a strat due to the larger range of tones and the fact i love the trem bar. i took it home but quickly realized...this just isnt a tele.

So i went back and exchanged for the tele and it was the best decision ever made.

its like the madonna and the *****.

teles forever
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Tele for me, i actually think teles are more versatile than strats but again its all opinion.
Strats are versatile, but there are much more utilitarian guitars, like a Les Paul with a Bigsby tailpiece.
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I agree. I love teles and I have one. I'd take my MIM tele over an american strat anyday. Strats just lack the feel and warmth and twang that I get out of my tele. I admit strats feel a little better, but i'd take sound over feel anyday.
Teles FTW!!!
They are both exceptional, but the Strat was too good looking to non-guitar players and beginners - I know for sure I hated Teles at first.
Anyway, due to this, the Strat has become THE generic electric guitar shape/style with nearly every guitar manufacturer producing a Strat-shaped guitar so that most guitarists are sick of it.
I know I prefer the Tele look now and sadly, looks make a big impression on your overall opinion of something.
I'd say there's no significant advantage of one over the other quality or sound-wise.
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I like strats a little more than teles. Though I do want to get a tele as they are nice guitars, but before that I need some other stuff.
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The strat made me feel sexy on the outside, but dead inside.

The tele is an ugly, but it fills me with inside with something i cannot describe in words.
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Both good guitars, down to personal preference aint it.

yeah, pretty much
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Both are good guitars and with the right choice in electronics upgrades and gear, you can get the same tone from both. I personally prefer the Strat. I have played Teles and I am not a fan of the bulky, blockish body and I hate the neck. But, I had been playing a Strat so long before the first time I touched a Tele that I was used to the feel of the Strat. So, who knows, I guess it could have easily been the other way around.