My Ibanez Roadstar has some missing parts from the locking nut, and it seems that there is nowhere where you can replacement parts for the nut of the actual trem (Pro Rock'r) So i was thinking Locking Tuners. But are they just as good?

Muchos Thanks, Tom
Ah, also you need to consider that with locking tuners the string can still get caught in the nut and slip slightly, making it go out of tune sometimes. Or so ive been told by my local guitar shop.

But unless there is no alternative, get some.
Pretty much, thats why having both is pointless.
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well, if you just have locking tuners, you can still get nut friction on the strings, which will cause them to go out of tune. even if its a graphtech nut coated in vaseline, you will have some minor tuning problems. ESPECIALLY if its a floating bridge. i recommend looking into a kahler-string lock. they are about 20 bucks on ebay, work very well. or a roller nut, and ggetting that installed. i built a strat with a kahler tremolo (roller saddles) and a roller nut, with roller string trees, and locking tuners. that thing will never go out of tune.
Cheers for all the replies! And that Kahler String lock looks very good, does it go behind the nut?
yes, mounts into the headstock. really easy to install. just 4 screws. you can buy shims from kahler too if you need them, but i dont think you will, depending upon your headstock.

make sure you get the floyd-rose style one. not the push-clamp one, its more money, and the little levers in it wear out every few years or so. ive replaced a few.
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The Kahler lock nut though still doesn't sole the issue of the nut itself being in the way of strings.