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Its been done before but its been a while. So i wnat to know who you think the best bassist has ever been. Be he dead or alive. I will have to say Victor Wooten or Paco Delafortie.
Steve Harris- Iron Maiden Best Bass Player Ever
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Les Claypool!!!
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i don't know about "Best", but i'm partial to Bootsy Collins and Les Claypool

also Bill Geezer and Steve Harris
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Steve Harris- Iron Maiden Best Bass Player Ever

+1 million

he writes most o their songs too
Two of whom I was thinking are already here: Flea and Harris.

I'm also a John Paul Jones fan.
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Two of whom I was thinking are already here: Flea and Harris.

I'm also a John Paul Jones fan.

+1 to John Paul Jones

Also, Geddy Lee is pretty good.
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Marcus Miller, for me.

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Pete Wentz is nowhere close to being the best destroy_techno
I'd have to say maybe Geddy Lee
I know that Brent Riggs(JFAC) is my favorite
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i like geddy lee, and i also like Steve vAi's bassist, billy sheehan

Billy Sheehan that darn Scientologist
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Pete Wentz is nowhere close to being the best destroy_techno

and you have a poor sarcasm detector columbianneckti

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You are going to make a lot of people in this thread very happy.

oh damn
There are so many great bassists; Flea, Stanley Clarke, Vic Wooten
but i have to say the best is probably Marcus Miller IMO.
Although Flea is my favorite
Victor Wooten or Billy Sheehan.

But in saying that I don't know much about bassists and those two are the only two that come into my head when I think of really good bassists.
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Hmm....this seems like a bass thread type of posting...but.....I'll still answer.

I really have been influenced by James Jamerson. I think he is the father of the bass as it is today.

I also think Geddy Lee and Jack Bruce are really talented and have had huge impacts.

For me being the best isnt about slapping the most technically challenging and crazy solos like Wooten. If that were the qualifications then Jaco and Victor are way way up there.
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Les Claypool!!!

Here lies the answer

Other than him
probably Bootsy, or Myung
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Ok, i don't know about the BEST but my favorite is Eddie Breckenridge from Thrice.
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Victor Wooten by far.
Flea and Claypool are amazing too.
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My favourites are: Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Billy Sheehan, Vic Wooten, Steve Harris, and I must've left out a few.
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Pete "lightning" Wentz

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Victor Wooten and Les Claypool are favourites of mine.
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