Hey everybody, just wondering what were the materials that helped you the most, in terms of books, dvds, etc? It could be any level, any topic, and any style. I'm just trying to expand my guitar "library" and just want the best advice. Don't be afraid to list multiple items! Thank you for you help.
John Petrucci's Rock Discipline was pretty useful for me. Also the Paul Gilbert DVD's are great.
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learning scale box positions and seeing pictures of them all layed out on a fretboard in each key.....it seemed to make learning them way easier because i understood what was going on instead of just trying to memorize shapes
music theory for dummies if you wanna learn some theory (everyone should i think) or as someone else said rockschool books are preety good too
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get a guitar book of one of your favourite bands (or any band really) and play from that a bit. guitar books have the full guitar parts so they are usually more complicated than some tabs on the internet (because hard parts will be hard to work out by ear) and with guitar books you don't have to worry about them not being correct.
However, although i said any guitar book one with lots of quite hard lead guitar is good (because chords are learnable from the internet).
i have never been able to "study" how to play a guitar. i just learn how to play songs i like and have fun. i start by learning a riff from the song, and practicing it over a few days, then another riff, then combine them until i can play the whole song.
Getting an iPod helped me enormously in learning to play full songs....Before, I could only play chords and small riffs and pieces of songs from the tabs that I had. Mostly because I couldn't tell at what time to play the different parts of a song. (A lot of the tabs I have don't have time markings).

Now anywhere I am, I can just grab a tab, a pencil, and my iPod and start making notes of what goes where and when. Sure this can be done with a cd player and stereo. But the iPod is much more portable, very easy to ff/rew, and has a clear time display of what is playing on it. Using headphones really helped too because it makes it easier to isolate the different tones in a song.

Also "The Everything Rock & Blues Guitar Book" by Marc Schonbrun was very helpful to me. It is an introductory level book. But it has some theory in it, and all of the information in it was presented in a way that was easy to read and learn.
I got a program called Jamorama that really helped me. I think it is a really good starting point for someone who has never played guitar before. Currently I am half way through the lessons in the intermediate section (took me about 2 months to get there) and I can play pretty much anything that only requires open chords. Right now I am learnign bar chords and palm muting. Not sure where the lessons go from there but I think I will have a very good base set of skills to work from.
yeah guitar pro is the best help u can get.

Also just learning penatonic scales was good

Also i found trying to learn really fast solo's when i first started (like master of puppets) was very helpful. Trust me, eventually u will b able to play it at full speed
I learned all my stuff off the Petrucci psycho videos. haha

Honestly though, just my love for all kinds of rock helped me. I really think Metallica also got me a good grasp on guitar, as well as Kansas.