I would think that coming up with an idea would be the easiest, the lyrics second, and coming up with a tune be the hardest.

How does one come up with the unique, catchy tunes for each song?
if you do the tune first, the lyrics might be easier. or harder.
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I find the idea easiest, then tune, then GOOD lyrics.
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Ideas are easy, my songs never seem to get past the "one" riff or chorus and thats it. finishing them is the hardest.
I usually just start out by humming a cool little tune, turn it into a riff and other underlying melodies and the come up with the lyrics, which are usually the hardest thing for me, even if I have the vocal parts all set up, I get just a bunch of sounds and melodies with no lyrics to it, but it might just be that I'm weird like that and everyone does things the opposite way
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Yeah, finishing them is definitely the hardest part.. I have about two million good intros, but not much to add to them..
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that's really the hardest part for me.