Okay, theres one thing im wondering about sweep picking, and im just using this tab as an example.

When you reach the "bottom" note, before your sweeping up again, how do you sweep up again without hitting the bottom note a second time? Because when i sweep all the way down i allways hit the bottom note a second time, the first time when i sweep down, and the second time when i sweep up, but should i like skip the note or is there some other technique i have to do to make it sound the way it is supposed to?

Sorry if this is bad explained, but i hope you guys will understand my problem.

Thank you
Alrite, well...

Not that I am the BEST at sweeping. I haven't worked on it a lot but, from what I've seen you just need to "Jump" over that when you're coming down or up

Sweeping doesn't require the pick to be falling on the strings (The best I can describe)

This is just from what I can do and what I've seen. I'm not the best resource. Try "Musicians Talk" forum =]
Really people, what IS the facination with sweep picking these days? I mean, there's so much more that can be done with a guitar, yet all I ever read are questions related to this and shredding. Is it really "all that"? To each their own I guess.