I put this in the Pit because it covers all guitar gear, not just a certain section as in the other forums

So my current GAS is for-

A Mesa Single Rectifier, which WILL be mine.

A Gibson Firebird (I mostly play metal, but this guitar is TOO sexy)

And a Rocktron Cyber Delay

Your turn!

A Spector Legend 5 Custom

Hartke 3500 and hartke VX410
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im gassing jews. But seriously i want an OD pedal to tighten up my sound possible a zw-44. Any feedback
Guitar Accessory Saving? What?
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Guitar Accessory Saving? What?

Guitar acquisition syndrome.

Edit: Or Gear
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Guitar Accessory Saving? What?

Gear Acquisition Syndrome, I think.

EDIT: Beaten to it, lol.
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Recently, a Carvin Quad-X preamp. A VHT 2/90/2 power amp. and a Rocktron All Access. (This will accent my TC Electronic G-Major to create a kickass rack set-up)
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Guitar acquisition syndrome.

Edit: Or Gear

Ohhh. Then I'm probably "syndroming" for one of these right now:
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go eat a hermanpherdite.
an orange rocker 100 head with an orange 4x12 cab. ( i hope, the thing's so god damned expensive!!!!)
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I only have GAS when it comes to snowboard gear.
I picked up a Capita Indoor Survival today because I can.
Mesa Rectifier 4x12....
PRS Singlecut....

This is a lie...no reason why...right from the outset
Nothing, I don't actually play the guitar, I just post here to be annoying

Sorry for the big post.
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I'm actually incredibly satisfied with my current guitar rig.

Now I want a MIDI keyboard and some recording equipment, more than anything. However, I'm totally broke
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EVH Phase 90

And I want to buy a simple Amp Head, with no effects on it. I would much prefer to control effects using pedals, than onboard effects on an amp

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An Ibanez RG prestige of some sort, and a Mesa/Boogie dual rectifier halftack.

Oh yes.
Digitech Bad Monkey to go with my new amp.

And a melodica.

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You sir, make a man have a wet day dream!

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