I have this old crate guitar that came in a combo pack, and i decided that i was going to fix it up. it is very similar to, and pretty much looks like, a fender strat. I cleaned it up, and added a new pick up. I am thinking about putting in a kill switch, and replacing the tuning pegs and knobs. I was wondering if there were other things i can do to customize it. that would make it great
maybe replacing the other two pickups and all the pots/switches, putting in other wiring options like inphase/out of phase and series/parallel switching?
New paint job?
New pickguard?
All new hardware?
New nut?

New paint job. you can try striping it or just paint it a single color if you want. I doubt you could change the bridge without some woodworking, and doing a custom pickguard wouldnt be too simple. So id say paint is the easiest thing to do other than what youve already did/are going to do.
for the new paint job, cause i was thinking about doing that, do i have to strip it or can i just paint over?
If you want a quick fix just take the top clear coal off and primer then spray it and it'll be fine

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Now is there a good way to say restore a pick guard or get rid of/cover up scratches and writing and stuff. because since everything is wired to it, it is going to be a pain to take off then get a new one and re wire everything