it didnt quite occur to me that it would not only hurt for a beginner, but im scared im going to cut my finger/s!!!

and will my fingers look different

haha thanks guys

especially with all the explosions and green and pussing! i look foward to it!

i know im a right NooB asking this stoopid question. i just thought i'd start playing for fun while at uni.

i don't have any close mates who play so thought i'd ask. espcially cuz im a girl, and bad fingers don't really sound nice

if my fingertips widen a bit, does it look really obvious? i'm gonna walk around and see whose got guitar hands ha!
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You wont cut your fingers i dont think. Its hard to cut your finger on a guitar string unless you try to. And no, your fingers wont turn green or anything like that. As long as you change your strings every now and then.
Basically, you'll be fine.
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They will turn green....and talon like...that's if u don't bleed to death first.
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You need to develop calluses on your finger tips, so they don't hurt, it will take some time, and some pain but you'll get there.

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i cut my finger once but it's no big deal your finger wil be the same but your tip get hard which helps in playing.
You'll eventually have natural thimbles(sp?) at the end of each of your fingers.
its fcuked up man you get gang green

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

as you play you'll get calluses so it'd be impossible to get them cut by your strings
or at least i think
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I've never bled from playing guitar. Except once when I was strumming and my pick flew out, and I cut one of my fingers from playing.

I've played several hours straight without stopping, and I've never bled. My fingertips were really screwed up though. You'll develop calluses, which make it hurt less. I find that my fingertips seem to be a little wider at the tip than most of my other friends who do not play guitar. I don't know if it's just like that or if it's because of guitar.

You'll be fine, just let your calluses develop. That's all it takes. It will hurt. I think it should. That way the weak will quit, you know? Your fingertips will feel a lot different and harder, and sometimes if you play for a long time your tips will get shredded, and get soft from long time of playing. But that's just part of being a guitarist...
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your fingers are going to Swell like a humungo balloon if you dont use ice, and then, its going to develope its own type of arthritus, and then the fingers are going to bleed continuously, and if it doesnt, it'll swelll untill it explodes with blood all over the place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then ure strings are going to rust because of the blood, and then the blood is going to melt holes on your guitar like acid, your fingers are so badly messed up you dont even have the strength to grab a phone to dial 911 or the emergancy room, and there u lay... slowly... losing blood... turning cold... its only you and your guitar.... dying.... dying.... and .... *gasp...* u breathe your last...
You'll be fine, just stick with it you'll soon develop the calluses
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Theyll just get really tough. And yes, they can look different, sometimes when i play too much, the skin gets all flakey and cracked.
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SRV(Stevie Ray Vaughn, spelling?) was constantly bleeding on his guitar. He was such a maniac with bends and slides that his fingertips could never heal properly. He devised a way to help tho. He'd dip his fingertips in baking soda, then drip some crazy glue onto the baking soda. It'd make like an instant callous, then he'd go to town. I've heard that by the end of concerts he'd wear through the stuff and be bleeding all over the fretboard again. Crazy!