Belongs to an assistant engineer at a studio I go to.

You can't see the sides but the whole thing is built into a large amp cover/flight case.
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Well...that looks....bad.

I haven't heard it but it must sound amazing since it was being used on a €1000 recording session.

I think it gets points for looking so unusual/DIY.
crayons are a great alternative for paint......
looks like a little kid drew on it.
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yes sir

It looks to be some half tube Marshall crap amp.
The control layout looks a lot like a Valvestate 8080, but the power switch is different.

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A good idea would be to put something over the speakers... other than that it would still look like crap.
Looks like a Madison faceplate thing.
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Update: He said he found the amp in pieces during a clear-out of a building. It's some random make and model from the 80s. He then spent $110~ on the amp head from a local dealer.

Also, his kid drew on it when he was 7. Didn't have the heart to replace it.