im in the mood for some gangster movies

ive seen these ones

-good fellas
-carlitos way
-Donnie Brasco
-Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
-Reservoir Dogs
-Pulp Fiction

any ideas ?
godfather like any of em if you aint seen them
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Bronx tale is the best one
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The Departed, American Gangster
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A Brazilian movie called City Of God.

It's right up there with Casino and Goodfellas.
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Godfather I-II, A Bronx Tale and Once Upon A Time In America. And if you have a tolerance for old movies, try Public Enemy and Little Caesar.
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A Brazilian movie called City Of God.

It's right up there with Casino and Goodfellas.

QFT. Great film. Meirelles also served as Producer for Paulo Morelli's City of Men, which I would recommend as well.
american gangster was pretty awesome
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