hi people, im new to ultimate guitar.
so i dnt really know if others have posted same thread like this before.

i was wondering, what guitar brand is the best for these genre of music?



and tell me more about different guitars you own, with pictures please.


les paul/strat
telecaster/anything obscure

(old) pics in profile

although the amp makes more difference to your sound
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Rock - most Gibson designs (SG, Les Paul etc)
Indie - Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul
Metal - Dean guitars, Jackson guitars (Flying V etc), Ibanez Guitars, Gibson Guitars (often with a custom pickup)

to see what gear I have click on my username to see my profile and it says there...no pics yet though
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Rock is a very wide genre, so it depends on what sub-genre. (I don't mean to get technical, but it's the truth) I've found that Fender Jags and Strats are GREAT guitars for the real grungish sound when needed. Gibson for older stuff. I own a Strat myself and it's the best recording guitar I have. (I wouldn't play with it live, simply because I play metal, and I wouldn't walk on stage with a baby blue strat in my arms. I would get stoned.)

Metal: I love Ibanez. I also own an Ibanez and I just love it. Dean, Washburn, of course B.C. Rich. But I do suggest trying Ibanez.

Indie: eh...not my style, but I would go with the Fender Jaguar again.

Hope I helped, if I didn't, then I think me spending all this time typing is punishment enough, to don't let me know if I sucked.
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The truth is, rock and metal use alot of different guitars. Some models are more common than others but alot of this comes down to personal preference.

you cant say a Les Paul will do rock but not metal and a strat will do jazz but not rock.
Its rubbish. You can do pretty much any style with any solid body guitar. Definately true for the 'big name' brands (ibanez, gibson, fender).
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1) For rock? SG/Les Paul/Strat/Explorer/almost any guitar with passive humbuckers
2)Indie: Anything with single coils.
4) Metal: Anything with active pickups or hot passives.

As someone said before me, the amp makes the most difference in your sound.

I own an Agile AL-2500, perfect for what I play (kick-ass rock N' roll, that is)

EDIT: You can even see my amp (Fender Vibro Champ) behind the guitar.
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I do metal with my strat! And i do indie, rock and all kinds of stuff with it.
Pedals will change ur sound much.

But if i had a lot of money i would choose:
Les Paul or SG or maybe a strat for rock.
Tele/Strat for indie.
Superstrat for metal. (jackson, ibanez, schecter)