I'm going in to one more local shop today but if I buy online I've narrowed it to three choices. Looking for a good all around guitar that can play most stuff.

I know I said I didn't want an SG, but that was mainly because my bro has one. I like it but I wouldn't want to copy him, but if it's a better guitar I'm not that vane lol



Found a few for a good price.

This ESP on here- What are your thoughts?


Lastly this one, like the looks and it sounds like it's a nice guitar, but is it worth the risk?


Thanks for any input!
the g-400 is good. those two are basically the same though.
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I like that ESP. And i dont know where else you would find something like that. Those two SGs are of course Epis, so idk about those. I really like that last one, the S&T Custom. Really nice looking.
I like the last one. Use paypal and you'll have some insurance I think.
What level is that ESP? It doesn't match up with anything on the site right now. Also it has Seymor Duncans in it which is a factor.