I have a fender blues jr tube, and whenever I hook it up to my digitech screamin blues pedal, a very high pitched squeel or feedback or whatever comes out of the amp!

I've tried to move the pedal around and turn off the "fat switch" on the amp but nothing seems to work.

The pedal worked fine on my old crappy amp. Any help would be appreciated
1. How close are you standing to the amp?

2. What are your gain settings on the amp and Pedal?

3. What pickups does your guitar have?
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Turn the treble up. wont help much, but helps a bit

Yeah, turning the treble up will help that trebley squeal go...

Its feedback, move away from the amp with the pickups facing away from it/turn it down. Or you have microphonic tubes.
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turn down the volume/gain... get further away from your amp
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Sorry just had a vision of you using a pedal patch chord plugged into your guitar and then into the amp... Lol i cant stop laughing....