im looking for some good software for recording acoustically into my comp. also opinions on which is better an interface or a microphone? thank you.
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Well, audacity is a good free program for recording then you need a mic and some sort of interface unless your sound card on your computer is good.
Do you use a BR-600?
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Recording an Acoustic Guitar:

In terms of recording an acoustic guitar, two condensers pointing at the 12th fret and sound hole respectively should do the job. Make sure that the strings aren't too old, or too new, because they may contribute to the horrible fart sound you often pick up.

Direct Injection isn't the best way to record acoustic guitar, although it suffices (and, indeed, is the best way) for scratch/guide parts.
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Pointing a mic at the sound hole is often asking for trouble. The sound gets too boomy. You want to pick up the resonance of the body. If I'm going to use two mics on an acoustic guitar, I'll usually either:

a) one at twelfth fret and about a foot or two away and one pointing towards the body of the guitar between the bridge and the edge binding.

b) one at the twelfth fret and about a foot or two away and one over the guitarists shoulder kind of near his right ear (assuming right-handed player) pointing downwards at the guitar.

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