This is a song I made a while ago. It's pretty basic, just a few chords or whatever. No lyrics yet, but I plan on writing some. You know the drill. I'll also be willing to listen to other people's stuff and offer my own opinion.

I have also included a text version of a tab for those who do not use PowerTabs because I thought it might be nice to have or something like that...

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Yay, I have Guitar Pro! So... I've included a GP4 version along with GP5, a MIDI of the GP5 version, and a Powertab version that I originally wrote it with.

I'm not going to say that the drums are spectacular or anything, just basic drums. I suck at writing drums. I really don't know too much about drums and I would rather have a real drummer come up with a drum line in a jam session. The same goes with the bass, but I'm sure that people don't want to hear just a guitar.

Again, crit for crit...
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love the bass intro in 5-9. definitely sounds nostalgic to me

bass in bars 12/14/16 etc sounds odd to me, the bent note. might just be the midi.

the end of the solo at bar 58 could have ended a bit more...explosively?

the bass in 62-64 sounds off

and also the ending sounds unfinished, which it probably is

i don't listen to much rock but this reminded me of some 80's/early-90s rock like guns n' roses and some of the hair bands, good listen though i'd like to hear it with some drums and a bit more variation to some of the sections

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I like it. The bass was nice, but kind of boring in the chorus. I really enjoyed the chorus, although I didn't like the flow from chorus to verses. The solo was awesome! reminds me of guns n' roses, but i didn't like how it ended, it does not flow IMO; I guess vocals are supposed to cover that up.
great job 9/10

Ps. Thanks for critting my song!
i like it...i give it 8/10...but it gets a little boring without drums...and the solo is great...it flows completly
sounds great! the mellow intro is kind of boring without vocals, but that's to be expected. the chorus also feels like it could use a bit more variety, though that's probably more of a personal preference. the solo sounds catchy though good work on that. the ending like the other's said sounds a bit out of place because of the sudden transistion from the solo. maybe you could add a lead to that? just a suggestion!

well crafted piece 8/10

record it with vocals some time to do it justice!