so this guy is selling a gibson lab series L5 2x12 amp for 450 in my area, and i talked to him and got it down to 400 flat

i've never heard of this amp before though, does anyone have any experience with this amp? what does it sound like? it looks like a roland jc-120 knockoff... and if so, is it a GOOD knockoff? lol

i play mostly jazz stuff, and some heavy funk here and there
sometimes when i get bored though, i really crank up the gain on my vox :P and just start shredding

i've never been much of a pedal guy, but with a really good clean tone, which i was told this amp has, a distortion pedal would sound awesome enough for soaring leads and metal rhythms... right?

basically, should i take this chance and get this amp? or hold out for that carvin x100b reissue next month?
this is definently one of the better solid states you'd be able to find. it dosent really compare to a jc-120, but the clean channel is good. the overdrive is also decent. not great but it is better than almost any other solid state you can find. not sure if you'll be able to get metal without a pedal. i say you ask to try it out before you just lay 400$ out on it.