I just bought a Shure SM57 and an Ultra Tripod Mic Stand and I wanted to know :

1- is it normal that I can spin the top part of the mic (the part where it says shure dynamic low z) ... it seems loose!

2- How do I remove the plastic cover from the mic stand? It's obvious I can't slide the Shure mic holder on there... but the cover just won't come off :/
yes the top spins, just dont pull on it or anything...it could break.
but they are built tough and will last a long time, great mics.

I have not used that stand or heard of any covers on them but for my stands you just screw the clip into the threads and set the ring so the threads end with the mic clip at the correct spot.

I'm not sure what gear you have but a mic alone wont do much.
Ha. I got that mic today too and was wondering about the top as well. Thats good to hear that its normal.

And as for the Mic stand, It should screw off counterclockwise very easily.
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