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When did you first gig, what age and where. And if anyone says that word starting with Se and ending with ar. I will cyber punch them!
Sexbar? What?

First REAL gig... uhh... 16 years old, El Mocambo in toronto. It was a battle of the bands.
i know this sound dum but a standard professional set is 40 mins i believe, as a first gig could you just do one song>?
I was 21, it was the HAC in Irvine. I had a t-shirt that bore the legend
Because I'm that awesome. Actually, it was borrowed, but so what.
my first gig is in 2 weeks, at a coffee shop with my postrock/experimental band.
so, 15.
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I was 15 at a battle of the bands my band won in my school that took place June 2008

sooo.... in a few months?
i was 12...
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I was 16. We played "Bulls on Parade" at our school pepfest. It was so sweet to have over 2,000 people at our first gig. Haha.
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i dunno if this entirely counts as a real gig, but when i was 13 (last year)i played at six flags

edit: we'd done things at school before, but i think thats the closest thing to a real gig, and the reason i dunno if it counts, is because we only played like 5 songs, couse we just played during the break of another band
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15 at school in biology, we had to do a song about cells, so I turned Twisted Sisters I wanna rock in to I wanna learn it turned out okay, except for the fact the guy playin rythem sucked...
Um... 14... battle of the bands, but I was so ****, i don't count it.

So... would've been 15/16 with my acoustic band, probably at the school continental, or the Youth Week that we had in the town near us. They were... meh... nothing really special, but the new band... *drools* i'm so looking forward to it...
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15, at school
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mynamesedson, i think you misunderstand what doing a gig is
it's when YOU play, not another band
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When i was 10. I went to go see Overkill

So you just randomly went up on stage with Overkill, snatched the lead guitarist's guitar, kicked him down from stage and played the rest of the songs that night, or what?
I was 14, talent contest at my school which was a kind of uptight Academy. We came in with our crappy half stacks turned all the way up and rang that tin gynasium. People came up and complaned their ears were ringing after just one song! IT WAS AWESOME!!!
uhm uhm gigity gigity allrigghht.........o yea im in jazz band in my school, if the shows i play with that count, then i was 13
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i was 12
i played dont stop thinking about tomorrow in front of my whole school

i play in the concert classical band at my school so if that counts then 11
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I was 13, just some school recital thing...and yes, it was Smells Like Teen Spirit.
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When i was 10. I went to go see Overkill

Heh, that must have been.. like, rather cool.
i was 9.. school concert.. i played n sung at the same time
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When I was 13, In a school assembly, with my first band. Halfway through the set, our bassist's 10 watt amp fell over, and we all stopped playing to see if it was allright.
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4 years ago, (i was 13) at Tim Hortons!! for all you canadians
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When I was 13.. we just played one song "Back in Black"

It was going really well, infront of about 300 people.

I walked up to the front of the stage to do the first guitar solo, for my moment of glory!.... And the amp cut out! Bastard.
I had my first gig 2 days ago we were supposed to go on first but we got shuved up to second and played like a 30 min set so pretty chuffed bout it XD
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so i was 17 n still am
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Played at school in October, I was 15 then.

Played on Thursday, I was 16 (and still am, surprisingly).
16, in a battle of the bands
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