I got myself a ibanez artcore it 's lush its all white with gold hardware and the old style whammy.
^Congrats; but this thread is useless without decent pics and some orgasmic build up story to accompany it!
It looks like this but that picture isnt that complementing but it plays like any ibanez,
(little bit of story) Its my birthday today and i saved both christmas and birthday money to get a new amp and guitar nevada were doing guitar for £300 and they wouldnt discount so i went to gc and they were like £350 you ****. so we went back to nevada, not epic, not great english but it was a laugh.
Do you have any of your own pictures of it? All the shop images are crap and we all love photos that you have taken personally. Any of us could just look it up on the net!
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I dont have a camera its a shame.

So, just to recap, you made a thread to tell us you got a new guitar (no story, no pics). What is the point of this thread?
to tell us that he got a new guitar... ..ya it is kinda useless with out a pic...but hey, congrats!

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What is the point of this thread?

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