so, i bought this charvel jackson and i think it would look good with eddie's paint job. only 1 problem... it looks extremely hard! useful advice PLZ PLZ PLZ!
spray the base color, put masking tape of different widths in the design you want, spray over with the color you want on top
1- Paint a base colour (the colour you want the 'lower' stripes to be).
2- Tape off said stripes.
3- Paint a second colour (the colour you want the next layer of stripes to be).
4- Tape off where you want the second colour of stripes to be.
5- Paint another colour (the colour you want the part that isn't the stripes to be).
6- Remove tape and apply clearcoat.

If you want more than 2 colours of stripes, then repeat the steps 2 and 3 until you're satisfied. Any further questions can be directed to the ultimate painting and refinishing thread.
thanks guy's, i'm gonna try this during spring break or sooner. oh, and thank's for pointless spam grungyhippie. the only reasson i said charvel jackson is because it has jackson tuning pegs, is designed like and as thick as a jackson, and because i heard that charvel and jackson are close companies. oh, and it doesen't say what kind of charvel it is (pawn shop guitar)